Comprehensive Care for Peak Performance

In the world of athletic performance, athletes go to extremes to achieve their highest possible physical readiness and best competitive result. In professional competition today, many athletes even subject themselves to dangerous drugs and career ending drug use violations in order to give themselves the slightest advantage against competitors. At OHM Holistic Health, we are helping people achieve their highest performance, but with a holistic approach that takes into account the mind, body, and soul. We achieve this with our clients without the risk that comes with dangerous chemicals or risky techniques. Real athleticism and health come when the mind, body, and soul are nourished, well cared for, and appropriately challenged. That is the point where science and soul meet.


“Holistic” means approaching health from a whole-person perspective. When we experience injury or stressors with enough severity, our bodies do not only experience physical symptoms. A physical injury, such as a broken limb or strained muscle, limits performance in physical tasks. This kind of injury also affects the mind. The pain experienced increases cortisol levels, which is a primary stress hormone affecting many body systems. The physical limitations can force work changes or changes to long set plans. These results cause psychological stress that can cloud judgement and create a snowball effect of symptoms with physical, psychological, and negative cognitive results. Each person is unique, with their own biochemical needs, and everyone needs to manage stress and emotional health in order to optimize physical performance.


Holistic Health is about the foods you put into your body, the way you move your body, and nourishing your spiritual and emotional self. This includes care of one’s mindset and feelings of purpose and meaning. Choosing good foods to put into our body, people to develop deep meaningful relationships with, activities that challenge us physically, and activities that allow physical and mental recovery allow one to grow and perform at one’s peak across all modalities of life. Those who set their mind with a focus on family, contribution to community, healthy nutrition, professional performance, fitness and body movement, good sleep, adequate time outside, and meaningful goals are approaching their wellbeing from this holistic approach.


Holistic Health takes the whole person into account. Our focus on the mind involves building emotional balance, techniques for managing common and more extreme stressors in our lives, and negative response tendencies that limit our movement forward. Our focus on the body involves maximizing performance through chiropractic care, decompression, massage, nutrition coaching, and fitness. Our development of the spirit allows us to go much further into serving clients by helping them to connect with ideals, relationships, and focus on community involvement to develop their sense of meaning and happiness. This comprehensive approach to health is the hallmark of what “Holistic” really means. To us, athletic performance means everything from high school athletic performance, to running and playing with grandkids, to preparing for world championship level competition. At OHM, we are always looking to help our clients unlock areas of improvement and success by working on areas of mental preparation, physical health, nutrition, and mindset that may be overlooked as we go through our weekly grind and daily habits.

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